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UHYMAC Empowers Employees with Global Best Practices at the UHY Regional Meeting

Posted by on July 19th, 2023

The golden sands and emerald waves of Phuket’s SAII Laguna Resort provided the picturesque backdrop for our enlightening journey – the UHY Regional Meeting from July 12 to 14, 2023. Hosted by UHY Yongyuth Accounting & Son Co. Ltd & UHY International Executive Office, encompassing the theme “UHY Re-building Good Working Relationships in the Asia Pacific Region,” the gathering was a harmonious blend of profound insights, deepened connections, and the comforting warmth of our UHY family spanning Asia Pacific.

The first day teed off with spirited golf competition and camaraderie at the UHY International Chairman’s Cup, featuring our very own Atty. Gerry A. Francisco. His sporting zeal echoed the spirit of unity that defines us as UHY. This energy was carried into the evening with the Welcome Beach BBQ, where heartfelt laughter and conversations under the starlit sky of Phuket strengthened the bonds of our extended UHY family.

“Meeting with fellow UHY colleagues in the APAC region has been an absolutely delightful experience. The camaraderie we share is truly remarkable. It provides us with a valuable platform to exchange ideas and insights regarding the last trends and updates in our respective countries. Throughout the sessions, we engaged in meaningful discussions about timely and relevant issues, which we brought to light through informative presentations. Undoubtedly, being part of a network like UHY proves to be immensely beneficial for every accounting firm.”

Mr. Dondon A. Sison, one of the Partners in our firm says.

The following days unfurled a rich tapestry of knowledge and insights. Among the standout presentations was a thought-provoking discourse by the Central Bank of Malaysia Governor Tan Sri Muhammad Bin Ibrahim on Asia Pacific Economic and Financial Developments. His insightful quote, “The die is cast. We are now entering into a multipolar world full of challenges, risks, and opportunities,” resounded deeply with us, sparking the realization that innovation and globalization is indeed the key to navigating the complex landscape of our times.

Complementing these perspectives, our delegate leader, Mr. Michael L. Aguirre, presented an engaging session on “Winning New Clients.” He drew upon the wisdom of English Geologist, Biologist, and Naturalist Charles Darwin, stating, “Living beings compete over resources, and only the most fit for a given region survive.” This served as a powerful analogy for our professional landscape, reminding us that to win new clients, we must evolve, add value to their businesses, and provide services that address their pain points. Mr. Dondon A. Sison shared for us his specialized knowledge on mitigating tax burdens on foreign income through tax treaty relief.

The final day of our gathering saw the grand inauguration of the “Center of Excellence” and diverse presentations, including subjects like “Going Public in the US: IPO vs. SPAC,” a “Talent Management Workshop” and “Environmental, Social, and Governance” disclosures, to name a few.

As we bid farewell to the exquisite shores of Phuket, the echoes of the UHY Regional Meeting continue to reverberate within us—the shared laughter, enriching conversations, and the warmth of the bonds formed. This beautiful tapestry of shared growth and camaraderie, the memories etched in our hearts, and the treasure trove of knowledge gained, continue to inspire us, shaping the future of our shared journey in UHY.

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