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To Share Knowledge

Conceptualized in 2017 and launched in 2021, the i-LEaD Online Learning Platform (IOLP) will serve as a vehicle for academicians, practitioners, researchers, students, authors, and publishers to come together to share their knowledge and expertise. It is envisioned to be the leading resource for continuing professional development and a mechanism for obtaining credits in formal diploma programs of participating educational institutions.

Through an attractive reciprocal arrangement of subscriptions, royalties, CPD and academic credits, users of the online platform such as resource persons, speakers and facilitators can find a convenient venue for the dissemination of knowledge and expertise.

Practitioners who seek professional development can access the various learning modules offered in order to gain the required CPD credits for professional accreditation.

Students can access various topics or articles published online through this platform as well as avail of the services of researchers to assist them in their studies. Peer reviews of theses and dissertations can also be availed of with the assistance of accredited reviewers who can subscribe to the platform to offer their services.

Be equipped at i-LeaD, because chance favors the prepared mind!


To be a catalyst in the development of professional expertise in leadership and entrepreneurship and in the growth of business enterprises and professions through applied research and life-long learning


  1. We are a service company offering professional development to people who want to become
    leaders and entrepreneurs and to professionals who wish to enhance their expertise through
    continuing professional education
  2. We encourage the growth of MSMEs through applied research and professional advice
  3. We are committed to creating value for our customers through competitive price and
    innovative technology
  4. We embrace high ethical standards in the conduct of our work
  5. We value our employees by providing them with a nurturing environment where they can
    achieve their full potential while taking care of their needs
  6. We give our stakeholders what is their due
  7. We contribute to sustainable country development


  1. This institution will develop the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of its candidates and prepare them for senior positions in organizations in the private or public sector. The ultimate outcome of this education is the advancement and development of enterprise.
  2. Initially, it will concentrate on continuing professional education specifically in the accountancy profession with emphasis on the offering of competencies in the art of governance, the enhancement of professional competence through an effective understanding of professional standards, the strengthening of research capabilities, and awareness of good business practices.
  3. Eventually, the institution will form a strategic alliance with a CHED-accredited educational institution that will offer a masteral program curriculum which will lay emphasis on leadership, entrepreneurship and good business practices from scholarly research. The quality of education will match those in the Tier 1 graduate school categories such as Ateneo, La Salle or UP but at a more competitive price. It will employ adult learning methodology and will make use of a combination of classroom and distance learning (via internet technology*).
  4. The resource persons, educators and facilitators shall be practitioners and academicians at the same time. This learning approach will ensure that there is a happy blend between theory and practice.
  5. It is also envisioned that the Institute will serve as a vehicle for research into areas that will support the development of good business practices. Thus, the Institute will serve to address the demands for information from various institutions on a commercial basis.