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Clarifications to Revenue Regulation (RR) No. 21-2021

VAT treatment of transactions by Registered Business Enterprises (RBE)from June 2021 onwards under CREATE Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 24-2022 addresses concerns raised by Revenue Regulation (RR) No. 21-2021 which took effect on December 10, 2021, specifically the VAT treatment of transactions by Registered Business Enterprises (RBE) particularly on the Registered Export Enterprises (REE) where […]

UHY Global Magazine Issue 13 Available Now Expert Insight and Analysis for World Business

The 13th edition of UHY Global magazine is now available to read online. UHY Global draws on the knowledge of UHY’s network of member firms to provide insight and expertise for today’s global business community in a thought-provoking, upbeat and engaging read Topically wide ranging, many features demonstrate the breadth of expertise of UHY colleagues […]

Death and Taxes: Battle Against the Constants

HIGHLIGHTS Background Legal Basis (Laws and Regulations) Composition, Valuation and Deductions Objectives of Estate and Successions Planning Tools for Estate and Succession Planning Others Death and Taxes are the two most inevitable things in the civilized world In this course, we will try to understand the nuances regarding estate taxes which significantly reduce the total […]

Amendments to the Retail Trade Liberalization Act of 2000

Reduction of capitalization and relaxation of pre-qualification requirements for foreign retail enterprises under R.A. No. 8762 as amended by R.A. No. 11595 R.A. No. 11595, signed into law on December 10, 2021 and took effect on January 21, 2022, introduced the amendments to the original Retail Trade Liberalization Act under R.A. No. 8762, the salient […]