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UHY MAC’s 2022 Midyear Motivational Empowers The Professional’s Mind and Heart Towards Future Success Amid Modern Challenges

Posted by on August 16th, 2022

Dynamic cost, tax, system, and ‘doing business’ advisory accounting firm UHY M.L. AGUIRRE &CO., (UHY MAC) CPAs recently concluded its 2022 Midyear Motivational hybrid event on August 12 onsite at the UHY MAC conference room and via live streaming platform Zoom. The event aims to empower further and inspire the firm’s employees, its specialists from affiliate group Babylon2K, and selected guests through awe-inspiring presentations from some of the most notable speakers in the country.

Among the invited resource persons for the event were Chevrolet Philippines-The CovenantCar Company Inc., Executive Director, Ms. Selene Yu; Lawyer and Wong Tan & Molly Lim LLC, Singapore Associate Director, Mr. Chua Cheng Yew, who delved into the topic of investing ‘on and off’ the market; and  JL Salomon MEB Consultancy Founder, Mr. Jeremy Salomon.      

Opening the event was iLEAD, Inc. Co-founder Dr. Eliseo Aurellado, CPA, MBA, Ph.D., who emphasized the importance of increasing everyone’s knowledge and expertise for business improvement and progress. 

Among the key takeaways for this year’s Midyear Motivational include a touching account of Ms. Yu’s journey into faith. Ms. Yu founded The Potter’s Academy in 2001– an institution that focuses on restoring families and communities by reconstructing institutions with integrity via the Potter’s Leadership Framework. Participants learned the six disciplines in becoming ‘oak-strong servant leaders’ mainly on the basic pottery principles of ‘wedging’ and ‘centering.’ Attendees were later given a chance to share their inspirational testimonies after the talk.

For the second discussion, attendees were enlightened on the fundamentals of investing from the talk Mr. Yew gave on how to be a ‘holistic investor.’ Various topics were discussed, including the difference between property and stock investments, their respective roadmaps, crunching numbers, and the importance of investing in learning new approaches. Meanwhile, the speaker also addressed queries on cryptocurrency investments, risks, and the pros and cons of both trading and investing during the Q&A.

For the last talk, Mr. Salomon discussed the principles of IKIGAI- a Japanese concept and model that gives people a sense of purpose and a reason for living. Participants learned the value of guiding their clients and colleagues toward a more profound reflection and appreciation of what they love to do, what they are good at, and how they can identify their individual life purposes. The talk also imparted how participants can acquire IKIGAI skills, knowledge, and experiences that can further promote UHY MAC’s culture of outstanding leadership and growth mindset.

Meanwhile, UHY MAC Managing Partner and Founder Mr. Michael L. Aguirre also delivered a brief overview of what to expect from UHY MAC and its affiliates for the 2nd half of the year. Highlighting the presentation was the inception of Babylon2 K’s sub-product T.A.X. SATORI. This auxiliary service intends to cater to the increasing demands of tax-related services, serve as an educational platform for accounting professionals and clients, and provide real-time consultation services for ease of ‘doing business.’

“After the team building exercises a few weeks ago, which focused more on our physical development, today’s event nurtures our spiritual and mental strengths,” shared Mr. Aguirre during his message of thanks. “In the next six months, we’ll also be having our marathon event, our technical training every Friday, forging more partnerships and international training abroad, and masterclasses that will bring in more talents from various disciplines,” he adds. 

UHY MAC is confident that business goals will continue to thrive despite the disruptions that have emerged in recent years, including the pandemic and rapid inflation. In the pipeline for 2023, the firm is also preparing for the launch of its Babylok2K platform’s latest version, which adds more features for its clients in the firm’s continued pursuit to be holistic and fully evolved in terms of its offered services. 

Closing the event was UHY MAC Senior Manager Mr. Dondon A. Sison, CPA, who gave a brief message of thanks and a summary of the proceedings. 

The 2022 Midyear Motivational is presented by UHY MAC and its affiliates Babylon2K, CHIEFS Analytics and Outsourcing, Co., and The Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development, Inc. (i-LEAD)

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