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P-Innovator Summit Awards Series: Naturale Labs, Inc.

Posted by on June 14th, 2022

Dragon Edge Group (DEG) subsidiary Naturale Labs, Inc. has helped introduce innovative products that remain competitive in the Asian market. DEG’s quality products include Cycles baby laundry detergent, Beach Hut sunblock, Cradle baby bottle cleanser products, and Bliss and Felina personal lubricant. A total of 13 DEG products currently perform well in today’s Asian market. 

Though the business has been booming since DEG broke out into the market, Naturale Labs, Inc. did not rest on its laurels. Instead, the company challenged conventional brand creation and marketing practices by taking creative and unorthodox approaches to the country’s consumer goods industry. As an example, its Beach Hut sunblock has the distinction of being the first of its kind to go into space.

However, the company is also known for more maverick-type marketing strategies to push its 13 brands into the global market. Partnering with its co-subsidiaries EVEolution and Skintimates (the three establishing the DEG umbrella group) and seasoned pharmaceutical company Lloyd Laboratories, Naturale Labs, Inc. entered the eCommerce foray with a strong foundation. Soon, the company was able to expand its reach, create more unique products, and increase the sales of its game-changing brands long before the technology hit the local mainstream market. 

In 2015, Naturale Labs, Inc. implemented Netsuite’s integrated cloud business management solutions. The move improved its distribution and production processes, making the company one of the first in the country to migrate to cloud-based technologies. The technology covered all bases of the DEG business, from securing various data on financials, sales reports, orders, inventory management, purchasing, and distribution. 

Among the company’s breakthroughs in digital practices include the use of real-time data and source storage and access; the assurance that all retail partners are adequately stocked with DEG products via sales and inventory monitoring; improved speed and efficiency in the delivery of its services through the Netsuite platform; and the streamlining of its overall business operations via automation.

For its continuing efforts to scale its business via the digital space, Naturale Labs, Inc. was recently shortlisted for the 1st P-Innovator Summit Awards on on June 24, 2022. The inaugural awards event, organized in partnership between accounting firms UHY M. L. Aguirre & Co. CPAs, and will be honoring leading Philippine companies that have shifted to digital innovations to push more consumer-centric products and services to the local market.

Learn more about the 1st P-Innovator Summit by visiting Recognizing the Best Performing Digital/Innovative Business in PH Via an Inaugural Summit – iLead – Institute of Leadership Entrepreneurship And Development (

The 1st P-Innovator Summit

In partnership with UHY M. L. Aguirre & Co. CPAs, and, the P-Innovator Summit will hold its inaugural awards this year, after which shall be an annual event.

The awards aim to recognize the most innovative local companies pushing the envelope in digital transformation, mainly in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) strategies. Eligible for the awards are companies in fintech, communication, virtual currency exchange, gaming, retail, and other digital intermediaries. 

Awardees will be determined based on innovation, strategy, engagement, metrics, and campaign results. A panel comprising members of the organizing partners and affiliated entities will select the final list of awardees upon thorough reviews of the submitted entries.