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Recognizing the Best Performing Digital/Innovative Business in PH Via an Inaugural Summit

Posted by on May 19th, 2022

Even long before the COVID-19 pandemic forced global companies to adopt digital transformation and stay afloat in their respective industries, digitalization has been on a steady upward trajectory since the 1990s. Today, when data is considered one of the biggest commodities in business, more Philippine companies are shifting their focus online to drive robust growth and improved quality services.

Recognizing the rapid evolution of digitalization in the country across multiple industries and the numerous benefits it offers consumers, revolutionary accounting platform (B2K) is currently undergoing preparations for its first-ever P-Innovator Summit slated this June. The e-event comes in partnership with the training and resource center, the Institute for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development, Inc. (iLEAD), UHY Philippines, and B2K Partners.

By honoring the most innovative Pinoy companies that leverage the power of digital business evolution to make their mark in their respective markets and become top-of-mind companies for consumers, the P-Innovator Summit aims to further empower the Filipino’s entrepreneurial mindset and drive more digitalization and financial technology (fintech) efforts into local businesses.  

For the inaugural summit, local industries will be categorized according to the services they offer business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) clients. Eligible companies for the awards include businesses in fintech, communication, virtual currency exchange, gaming, retail, and other digital intermediaries.

While this year’s coverage is limited to Filipino companies, BABYLON2K intends to make the annual awards summit an international regional search in the future with the help of the prestigious UHY International

As an umbrella company of the global accounting network,  BABYLON2K prides itself as one of the local pioneers of digital transformation, particularly in the country’s accounting industry. The platform offers booking and service payment systems set at reasonable costs to its clients while also providing cash count, POS compliance, physical inventory counts, tax residency certificate, data privacy compliance, and other accounting and tax services across the archipelago.

Another innovative facet that the platform offers is how it engages available certified public accountants (CPAs) from all over the country who can address the various accounting needs of its clients. With this, the platform succeeds in establishing a win-win proposition for both Pinoy accountants and its network of client companies that ensures opportunity-building and the delivery of quality service respectively. Such similar innovations are what BABYLON2K is looking for in potential awardees for the upcoming summit. 

Learn more and get regular updates about the first BABYLON2K P-Innovator Summit by signing up to or visiting our social media account at babyloneth (FB) and @uhy_mac (Twitter).

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