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P-Innovator Summit Awards Series: Share Treats Innovation Corporation

Posted by on June 9th, 2022

While there’s a handful of digital platforms treading the social media route, Share Treats Innovation Corporation (STIC) is the first in the country to combine the possibilities that both eCommerce and social media can offer through gifticons

To share treats, users can simply log on to their Facebook accounts, choose a sticker with a corresponding treat, enter the recipient’s mobile number and a personal message, and conveniently pay via their preferred e-wallet. 

Such ingenious innovation that capitalizes on the power of digital makes STIC a shoo-in for the 1st P-Innovator Summit shortlist of awardees. The E-event, organized in partnership with accounting firms UHY M. L. Aguirre & Co. CPAs, and, will be held on June 24, 2022. It aims to recognize local businesses that continually push digital empowerment in delivering goods and services to Filipino consumers.  

Share Treats Innovation Corporation primarily utilizes digital coupons that allow its users to purchase gifts and treats via gifticons using their smartphones. In 2017, Bon Angels and K Bridge Investment funded the startup. Since its launch, the company has partnered with various convenience stores, fast food merchants, retail brands, and digital payment platforms.     

As more Filipinos are shifting to digital channels via E-wallets, Share Treats Innovation Corporation has helped shape the country’s eCommerce culture to greater heights. By removing the inconveniences of brick and mortar and credit card transactions, the platform has become one of the preferred modes for either individual gift-giving or company giveaways. It boasts a wide range of partnering brands and unique promos and offers recipients a more straightforward process of redeeming gifts online or via store pick-up, as well as enjoying instant treat codes via their mobile phones.

However, the company’s strength lies in its digital billing system. Having partnered with local telecoms, Share Treats Innovation Corporation noted how only 20% of the Southeast Asian region utilized credit cards and bank accounts for purchases. As a solution to the vast number of unbanked consumers in the country, the startup established more localized payment systems online so everyone can enjoy convenient shopping and gift exchange. 

Currently, the startup company is expanding its range of lifestyle categories and its service points in the Indonesian, Malaysian, and Vietnamese markets. 

Learn more about the 1st P-Innovator Summit by visiting Recognizing the Best Performing Digital/Innovative Business in PH Via an Inaugural Summit – iLead – Institute of Leadership Entrepreneurship And Development (

The 1st P-Innovator Summit

In partnership with UHY M. L. Aguirre & Co. CPAs, and, the P-Innovator Summit will hold its inaugural awards this year, after which shall be an annual event.

The awards aim to recognize the most innovative local companies pushing the envelope in digital transformation, mainly in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) strategies. Eligible for the awards are companies in fintech, communication, virtual currency exchange, gaming, retail, and other digital intermediaries. 

Awardees will be determined based on innovation, strategy, engagement, metrics, and campaign results. A panel comprising members of the organizing partners and affiliated entities will select the final list of awardees upon thorough reviews of the submitted entries.