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Babylon2K– RP’s Premier Solution for Your Accounting Needs

Posted by on February 19th, 2022

While it would be easy to assume that there’s a high demand for accounting services and assistance during these difficult times, the truth is that there are still many CPAs out there who are in dire need of jobs. According to industry veteran Mike Aguirre via the recent Usapang Business online session on Saturday, July 31, the unfortunate truth is that some licensed accountants even land other odd jobs without getting to practice their expertise. 

BABYLON2K (B2K), Mike’s latest foray into providing accounting services to firms, aims to help both companies in need of bookkeeping and local CPAs looking for a job. In a nutshell, the firm provides its clients with online booking and service payment systems, as well as physical inventory counts and accounting services while engaging available CPAs from all over the country to promote better job security in the local industry. 

While companies would usually break the bank when it comes to providing accommodation and transport allowances for third-party accounting services, B2K ensures that companies get their physical reports on-site with lower costs on such incidentals. 

Utilizing a surefire method of matching its CPAs’ qualifications with available jobs to ensure proper service is delivered to its clients, B2K not only gives its pool of accountants equal opportunities but also addresses the current demand for accounting services all over the country at lower costs. 

Mike maintains that efficiency and visibility remain priorities for B2K which translates to better service advantages for the firm’s clients. Analytics and valuable business inputs are also provided via client exit meetings so they can improve financial efficiency and adopt better methods in analyzing their investments for overhead costs such as machinery, labor costs, and personnel. 

These, along with B2K’s expert advice on which factors need more focus and improvement to stay afloat in business, have proved to be essential during these difficult times brought about by the pandemic, especially for tourism and rental companies that have non-controllable costs. 

“If companies miss out on even one single report, that can mean penalties by the thousands, which is why compliance is important,” said Mike. “The cost of doing business, with or without operations, entails expenses and if a company doesn’t file returns to the concerned agencies, penalties will be imposed for non-filing,” he further clarified. Through B2K’s services, businesses won’t have to incur unnecessary penalties, other fees, and unnecessary expenses while improving their bottom line.

Learn more about B2K and how it can help you with your accounting needs and ease your tax habits.