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P-Innovator Summit Awards Series: Securemetric Technology Philippines

Posted by on June 9th, 2022

Digital security is undoubtedly the first defense for every business that relies on modern online technologies. In the Philippines, 42% of companies reported falling prey to ransomware tactics, which resulted in an estimated loss of Php 40 million in 2020. This year, cyberattacks continue to increase by 12%.

As one of the leading providers for digital security in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur-based Securemetric continues to upgrade its systems. Among its services include the optimization of Software Licensing Protection, Two-factor Authentication, Advanced Identity and Access Management, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and Cryptography. Its Philippine arm, Securemetric Technology Philippines, carries the gold standard in digital security for local businesses with accurate cyber threat tracking and tailor-fit solutions that meet various client requirements.

Meanwhile, a partnership between digital accounting affiliates UHY M. L. Aguirre & Co. CPAs, and is currently in the works for the 1st P-Innovator Summit Awards. The awards E-event slated on June 24, 2022, will be honoring leading digital service providers in the country, shortlisting Securemetric as one of its potential awardees.

With its team of multinational security experts, Securemetric’s boutique digital solutions agency has expanded to multiple territories, including the Philippines, since its inception in 2007. And the multi-awarded brand has certainly made its mark as one of the top-of-mind providers in the region. 

Securemetric assumes a proactive stance in providing the country’s businesses with quality digital protection services and educating industry sectors of today’s digital security climate via its webinars. The company’s thrusts to remain abreast of the most innovative digital security developments and its support to over 2,000 software developers also show its outstanding contribution to the country’s digital economy transformation.

Currently, Securemetric is strengthening its smart technology collaborations with other global digital pioneers such as digital signature specialists Ascertia, Cryptographer firm Cryptomathic, open-source PKI experts PrimeKey, security appliances manufacturer Ultra Electronics AEP, and Hardware Security Modules (HSM) providers Utimaco

Learn more about the 1st P-Innovator Summit by visiting Recognizing the Best Performing Digital/Innovative Business in PH Via an Inaugural Summit – iLead – Institute of Leadership Entrepreneurship And Development (

The 1st P-Innovator Summit

In partnership with UHY M. L. Aguirre & Co. CPAs, and, the P-Innovator Summit will hold its inaugural awards this year, after which shall be an annual event.

The awards aim to recognize the most innovative local companies pushing the envelope in digital transformation, mainly in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) strategies. Eligible for the awards are companies in fintech, communication, virtual currency exchange, gaming, retail, and other digital intermediaries. 

Awardees will be determined based on innovation, strategy, engagement, metrics, and campaign results. A panel comprising members of the organizing partners and affiliated entities will select the final list of awardees upon thorough reviews of the submitted entries.